The Faces of Asia 2022: Audrine Hellena Ricci

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Panggilan : Audrine

Umur : 28 th

Tinggi : 173 cm

BB : 57 kg

Hobby : Baking & Cooking, driving, art & research.

Best memory with Man

A few months after I moved to the new country, my best friend canceled our dinner plan. All I wanted was not having dinner alone, so I acted randomly by downloading dating app and matched with one guy and asked him out straight way, no chatty talk or anything.

When I met him the first time, I explained all I wanted to do was doing unexpected things. Fortunately, we ended up spending 12 hours together on our first date, (nothing sexual too)!

From museums hopping, break dancing in front of McDonald’s silom, ate the best street noodle in Soi 11, strolling the wet market, ate fancy dinner in Lebua Tower then we ended the date on his balcony watching the night sky while shared our stories until we fell asleep on the floor! (Unfortunately, there was no first kiss too)

We were officially together months after and shared our 4 years together, supporting each other’s dream. Even though we are no longer together now.

Sensual from a man :

         I am a sapiosexual, Thus, I get attracted with intellectuality and focus. His Intelligency needs to be equal level with me or even higher, follow by the actions of realization.

A man who is in touch with his masculinity yet not embarrassed to show his vulnerability

Foto: Darwis Triadi